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Pup 'N Pals, LLC

Bedford, NH 03110


Canine Running Club

We don't just walk your pup, we run & hike them! 



When it comes to dogs, our mission is simple: we want to help them live healthy, balanced lives through fitness, fun and exercise. That's why we created a weekday exercise program that gets dogs off the couch and onto the trails where they can exercise and explore as nature intended!

The Club

At Pup 'N Pals, we firmly believe the right amount of outdoor exercise can have a profound impact on a dog's health and well-being. Did you know most dogs, especially Sporting, Herding and Working breeds, need at least 30-60 minutes of vigorous exercise daily? We understand not every owner is able to provide this amount of activity, especially during the work week, but that's where our Running Club comes in!

Our weekday Canine Running Club is a unique way to keep your active dog fit and healthy.  As a member of our club, your dog will be picked up, taken to a local trail or nature reserve for an on-leash, fitness session with buddies (this includes warm-ups/cool-downs, fast-paced walking intervals or running sessions and of course, water and treat breaks!) then returned home happy, refreshed and ready to nap.


Your dog will be thrilled to get out and exercise with friends and you will feel great knowing your dog is receiving a healthy amount of activity even while you are at work. Plus, we offer several different exercise options based on energy level and individual fitness needs, so there is a program for every pup, even the little guys! Remember, exercise is key to a well-balanced dog and what better way to tire out your pup than a canine workout with Pup 'N Pals?


Check out our program list below to see which of our exercise options best fits the needs of your dog!

Exercise Programs

Mini Miles Club

Perfect for small, young or older pups who love to get out and hike at a leisurely pace with pals!

  • 1 Hour Pack Hike

  • 2-3 Miles at a Time

  • Transportation to Trail

  • 4-6 Dogs/Session


Running Club

(30 Mins)

Ideal for medium-high energy pups looking to hit the trails for a fast-paced workout!

  • 30 Min Canicross Run

  • 2-3 Miles at a Time

  • Transportation to Trail

  • 2 Dogs/Session


Running Club

(60 Mins)

The best option for high energy pups who crave activity and exercise! 

  • 1 Hour Canicross Run

  • 4-5 Miles at a Time

  • Transportation to Trail

  • 2 Dogs/Session


What's in a Name?

If the term "Canicross" seems unfamiliar to you, don't worry, you're not alone.  That's because when designing our fitness service, we decided to take a different approach to exercising dogs and modeled our program off of the popular European sport of Canicross, an event where handlers and dogs run/walk cross-country style as a team using specialized equipment. The sport is dog-powered meaning the dog is attached to the handler and encouraged to pull ahead at the desired speed while the handler runs/hikes hands-free, directing the dog from behind solely through voice commands. The dog is outfitted with a special sports harness and the owner is connected to the dog via a shock-absorbing, bungee leash and a running belt, making Canicross one of the safest and most effective ways to exercise dogs! Most dogs pick up the sport pretty quickly, but we always take our time to properly introduce new pups to the program. 


Mini Miles Club

All Hikers Must Be:

  • Friendly & Enjoy other Dogs

  • At Least 4 Months Old

  • Spayed/Neutered

  • UTD on Required Vaccinations

  • Current on Flea/Tick Preventative

  • Comfortable with Car Rides

Running Club

All Runners Must Be:

  • Friendly & Enjoy other Dogs

  • At Least 1 Year Old

  • Spayed/Neutered

  • UTD on Required Vaccinations

  • Current on Flea/Tick Preventative

  • Comfortable with Car Rides

Why Join the Club? 

  • Our Club is a much more enriching and beneficial alternative to traditional dog walking or daycare

  • Our program fulfills your dog's exercise and socialization needs, naturally tiring them out

  • Fresh air, sunshine and outdoor exploration promotes good health

  • Your dog will be a part of a small, hand-selected pack of friendly, bonded dogs

  • We place heavy emphasis on safety, including thorough dog evaluations, weekly commitments and the use of high-quality hiking/running gear

  • Your dog will hike with an experienced exercise coach

  • We practice basic skills such as obedience cues to encourage good manners

  • You dog will be one happy camper!

Did you know that regular exercise and socialization can positively impact your dog? Check out all the ways our program can help benefit your pup!

Benefits of Exercise

Gives your dog a sense of purpose and a necessary outlet for their naturally active tendencies, keeping them both mentally & physically fit (dogs used to lead very busy lives prior to living with us!)

Helps ward off common behavioral problems such as barking, chewing and hyperactivity that can stem from inactivity 

Numerous health benefits including aiding proper digestion, strengthening the cardiovascular/immune system and helping bones/joints to function properly

Helps your pet to maintain a healthy weight


Interacting with other dogs fulfills your dog's natural desire for canine companionship


Proper pack socialization instills confidence, especially in young, timid or fearful dogs

Frequent socialization with other dogs helps your dog fine-tune his or her communication skills, making for a more balanced, reliable individual in all types of situations


What Our Friends Have to Say...

"This is absolutely the best decision we made for our dog. Rosa not only gets tremendous exercise but the opportunity to socialize with other dogs. She is so calm and happy when returning from her hikes and runs. Kassia is knowledgeable and responsive. 5 big stars!"

   -Cynthia K.

      Rosa's Mom


Ready to Join the Club?

Your dog's first hike/run is FREE!