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Boarding Reservation

Thank you for choosing Pup 'N Pals! To submit a boarding request, please fill out the booking form below and we will get back to you within 24 hours. Since space is limited, we advise booking as far in advance as possible, particularly over holidays and summer vacation, to ensure your pet's reservation. For a reminder on what to bring, please review our packing list below. See you soon!

Reminder, our pick-up/drop-off hours are as follows and a minimum of 3 nights is required in order to book a stay:

M-Th: 6:00 PM-8:00 PM
Fri/Sun: 8:00 AM-10:00 AM

Packing List

All Pets:

All food items normally included in your pet's diet to last the duration of their stay including: ​​​​

Please note: a premium, organic blend of timothy hay is provided for all boarders so you do not need to bring hay!


  • Pre-portioned into individual meals using Ziploc bags labeled with pet's name & feeding time (AM/Noon/PM)

Fresh Greens/Food

  • Pre-portioned into individual meals using Ziploc bags labeled with pet's name & feeding time (AM/Noon/PM)

  • For longer stays, perishable items will be replaced for no additional fee


  • Labeled with pet's name & feeding amount/frequency


  • Labeled with pet's name & feeding amount/frequency


  • Labeled with pet's name & dosage/frequency

Note: To ensure a timely feeding process and consistent meal amounts for your pet, please be sure to follow our food packaging/labeling instructions above. Think meal prepping for your pet! Thanks for your cooperation.

Plastic Pet Carrier

  • Fully-enclosed & species appropriate

Toys & Chews

Pocket Pets:
Chins, hamsters, rats, mice, etc.

If you are boarding a hamster, chinchilla or other pocket pet, in addition to their food, toys and carrier, you must bring your pet's regular habitat from home along with all necessary cage supplies. We do not provide housing or housing supplies for the little guys, so please bring everything your pet requires including their:

hamster wheel with a toy isolated on a w


Cage Accessories

  • Hideaways, wheels, hammocks, tunnels, water bottles/bowls, etc.


Water Bottle/Bowls

Dust/Dust Bath (Chins)

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