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Pup 'N Pals, LLC

Bedford, NH 03110


Our Holistic Approach

Holistic: adj. Characterized by comprehension of the parts of something as intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole.

In other words, the value of the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Holistic pet care therefore considers the whole of the animal, including the relationships between mind, body and spirit, in determining the health and well-being of that animal. As a pet care provider, we understand the important impact we have on your pet's well-being and for this reason, we have chosen to take a more natural approach toward the services we offer. We strive to be a place that not only fulfills your pet care needs, but that also positively enhances your pet's life in some manner. Whether it's providing a peaceful environment for your boarded bunny or helping to maintain your dog's exercise regimen, we want to contribute to your pet's life in a way that is both wholesome and beneficial. The environment we have created at Pup 'N Pals as well as the beliefs and principles we stand by fully support the well-being of your best friend. 

For Our Dogs

Outdoor Exercise: A major contributing factor to your dog's health and longevity is having the opportunity to exercise outdoors. We believe that dogs, especially young and active breeds, should be able to exercise in a natural setting to not only help achieve their fitness needs, but also to ward off behavioral problems that can stem from inactivity. Our running program provides the perfect way for your dog to stay physically and mentally active, keeping them healthy and happy for years to come.

Socialization Needs: Some dogs truly enjoy the company of other dogs and through our exercise service, your dog will have the chance to satisfy those socialization needs. Coupled with the right amount of outdoor exercise, meeting your dog's social requirements helps make for a well-balanced individual.


Low-Stress Setting: Similar to people, stressful situations (think busy, chaotic kennels) can take an unhealthy toll on our dogs which is why we have designed a program that focuses entirely on putting your dog in their natural element, the great outdoors, where they can unwind and simply be a dog. In addition to providing ample opportunity to exercise, other measures we have put in place that allow our dogs to blossom include constant leadership by the same caretaker, hand-selected, safe packs, a focus on maintaining a structured, calm atmosphere and the use of positive-only reinforcement. 

Individuality: As dog people, we understand that no two dogs are the same and we respect each individual's preferences and personality type. The extensive evaluation process we perform, including getting to know your dog prior to a formal hike/run, as well as the environment we maintain which encourages your dog to be the very best dog they can be, are all designed to keep the best interest of your pup in mind. 

For Our Small Pets

Quiet, Peaceful Atmosphere : We understand the sensitive nature of our small animal clients so our boarding room is designed to keep your pet as calm and comfortable as can be. We provide a quiet, climate-controlled room for your pet to relax in, complete with soothing classical music, clean air and natural sunlight. 

Mental Stimulation: To help our small pets live a well-balanced life, exercise and activities that challenge their mind should be included in their daily routine. This is why we provide plenty of opportunities for your small pet to play with toys and stay busy while they visit.  After all, playtime reduces stress and boredom which leads to happier, healthier pets! 


Nontoxic, Pet-Safe Cleaning Products: Exposing our pets (and ourselves!) to harsh chemicals can certainly have long-term negative effects on their health so our cleaning routine includes the use of only nontoxic, environmentally-friendly products. For daily cleaning, we use a combination of hydrogen peroxide, vinegar and all-natural dish soap and for disinfecting between guests, we use a nontoxic, hydrogen peroxide-based disinfectant called Rescue. In addition, all bedding is laundered with all-natural detergent. Our cleaning methods keep everyone safe and healthy!